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Add a Beautiful
Concrete Countertop
to the Kitchen

Concrete is beautiful. Made from completely natural materials, a concrete countertop is strong and will last 40 years or more. Concrete is customizable as to shape, edge treatment, color and texture. Special features such as an intergal sink and drain board can also be included.

So, what's the down side? First, cost. At about $80–$150 per square foot, concrete is more expensive than stone, which runs $70–$100 per square foot. The cost is in the labor. Concrete takes a lot of expertise because the forms must be perfect and the trowel finish must be as smooth as glass. This is not a project for the average do-it-yourselfer.

A concrete countertop is not without maintance. The countertop must be sealed to resist staining and then resealed every one–two years. Though sealing protects the concrete, waxing is required to protect the sealer. Most manufacturers recommend applying wax every one–three months. The wax finish will help maintain the concrete’s sheen and its ability to repel liquids.

Additionally, cutting directly on the countertop can leave marks and heat can damage the wax finish and the sealer. To be safe, always use a cutting board and a trivet.